Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Manic March

March was insane!! 
Looking back, I can hardly believe that so many things happened in the same month. 

Anyway, I'm so glad that I was able to end this jam packed month with a bang. This week we had MPU ( Malaysian Studies) which was hella boring. We practically skipped the whole course while still getting all our assignments done. This week ( more like three days actually ) was the best week of college so far.

Monday | 30/03/15

Aisha and I sipped MPU to have breakfast at Mahkota ( i was really hungry ok). Then we met up with Raz and drove our to Publika. Driving around with Raz is an experience in itself, trust me. We met up with the rest of our classmates for lunch at Ben's.

This was I think the first time I really felt as though we were all whole as opposed to having our own cliques and stuff.

PS : I only drank water so no food pics

Tuesday | 31/03/15

On Tuesday, our classes only started at 12.30, so Aisha and I came superrrr early (sort of) and took a cab to OU for some last minute shopping before GST. I was broke af after but it felt so good to get some new stuff.

Disclaimer : I didn't actually take any pictures on Tuesday. So let's just pretend I was in a taxi/dressing room

After shopping Aisha, me and Raz went to Bestari and we talked and stuff, It was really nice and so chill. Best part of the day. (Also, I had two roti canai's there. Not cool) 

Wednesday | 1/04/15

Happy April Fools to anyone who actually takes this seriously.  I was pranked first thing in the morning ( tx Shaman ). My course was suppose to start at 12.30 again so I slept in and finished up my assignments while listening to LDR (as usual). 

Anyway, I got to college at 11.30 (still pretty early) so I went to have breakfast with Adlina and Azima. That was reallyyyy nice. I really love just chatting and laughing with people and feeling so relaxed. 

PS I didnt actually eat anything cause I was still broke a f so no food pics again haha

But yeah after MPU, a few of us went to Bangsar for ice cream! We walked around looking for a good backdrop for instagram pictures (haha typical). Lawrence got really bored when we started taking so many pictures and visiting expensive boutiques hahaha. 

March ; the month of adventure

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