Hi! My name is Vivienne but I have everyone call me Viv because calling me by my full name makes me sound like a 40 year old secretary living with 6 cats. And I don't even like cats. I'm 18 and I live in Malaysia, land of the scorching sun (no joke). My interests include peanut butter, that one song from that one band and reading books I've probably read before.

 Why is your blog named Viv+Biv?
I orginally wanted to post up things to do with fashion and 'beauty' but then it developed into becoming more a lifestyle blog. So I decided to use 'Viv' for more of my travel and music related posts and 'Biv' for my more personal posts.

Why did you start your blog?
It was during that whole fashion blog craze in 2013 that got me really interested in blogging but I never did it cause lets face it, 16 year old me had no sense of style and I was severely insecure. However (ooo proper English), I really love taking pictures and editting them. Since, I have around 6000 pictures in my camera right now I decided to post them up here.

What do you use to edit your pictures?
VSCO cam, picmonkey (online), phonto

What camera do you use?
Either the iPhone5/6, Sony G7x Mark 3 or Nikon 7600D
But mostly I take most of my pictures on my Sony G7x.

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