Friday, 1 August 2014

July Favourites

I've finally pumped myself up enough to post a July Favourite's! I think I've only done this once before in January or March. Anyway, here I show you guys what products and stuff I've been loving in July!

Beauty-ish products

This is the St. Ives Energizing Citrus Body Wash and Skin Renewing Body Lotion.
These are my absolute FAVOURITE products for the month. 

I've always been a huge fan of citrus smells and I have a burning hate for any sort of floral scent. Trust me when I say that THIS SMELLS AMAZING. I use tons of this in the shower cause it smells SO GOOD.

THIS IS THE BEST SMELLING LOTION EVER. I love this lotion SO SO MUCH. I slather this all over myself more than twice a day. It's so moisturising too and defo needs more recognition as compared to like Victoria Secret perfumes or wtv #js

I AM OBSESSED WITH LIPBALMS. This is a serious problem. I collect these. 

I've actually talked about these in my previous post but this is my favourite lip balm at the moment. It has a very sticky consistency so it doesn't rub off too easily. And it leaves your lips SOOO soft. I LOVEE. (tx eileen:*)

I've been using Nivea since forever (since I was 11 but still) So recently they changed their formula. Its not as good as it used to be, I'll admit but they put out a need flavour/smell which is peach. This is just a pretty nude colour and I am obsessed with how good it smells. (In conclusion) Not as moisturising as it used to be but it still leaves a nice muted colour. 

FUN FACT : this was my first ever lipbalm

So, I recently repurchased this. its sO NOSTALGIC WTF. It's a really good lipbalm though. It has a cooling effect on your lips which i think is so cool (ha ha pun intended) 


These are just the classic black&white high top converse. This is such a closet staple. Mine's still new which is why its so hideously clean but yeah feel free to step on my feet whenever I wear these out.


I have only one food favourite this month. Its the Yogood yoghurt bars. I've been eating these every morning for breakfast and they're so filling and taste so good. I think its fattening though (disclaimer)


*this is a new one. I havent actually tried it yet but it looks cute* 


I have updated my playlist on the blog so go check it out! I also have a Spotify and you can follow me there if you want but I havent had time to post up a public playlist yet (username : oopsviv) 


Glass jars from Typo. I have this 'thing' where I buy a jar whenever I go to Typo. So i've only gone there twice but its one of my favourite stores ^__^

Thats pretty much it and it was so impromtu so excuse the mediocre post. (i tried)


  1. Sup. kinda looking forward for a new post. I mean. Life is boring.

    1. ikr I've been slacking off and blaming it on SPM