Thursday, 31 July 2014

What I Got For My Birthday

My birthday was actually on the 25th of June but I've put off doing this for SO long now. But I had such an amazing 17th birthday thanks to all my friends so this blog post is dedicated to them (i had to get out of bed to do this so be grateful). 

PS my eyebag game was so strong when I was planning out the post because I had such a long day before (tx to ashraff & amelia) 

Ok so first I got these really cool face masks and lip balm which are from too cool for school. I havent used the face masks yet cause I'm 'saving' them for when i really need them but the lip balm IS SO AMAZING. It leaves your lips feeling SO INCREDIBLY soft and smooth. I'm so inlove with them (I think I've exceeded the amount of times a person's allowed to say so in a day though)

These were from Eileen. She also gave me sweets but I finished them all haha THANK YOU EILEEN.

I got this really cool grow-it-yourself daisy from Xin Ee. I though this was SO CUTE. I'm so scared I'll kill it though so its still in the bottle.

From my mom, I got this soap from The Body Shop and earrings. She got me 3 differnet pairs cause I have 5 piercings. So I always have to waste one but they're really cute.

From Keshia whom I've been friends with since primary school, I got a cute graphic tee, high waisted denim shorts, and lollipops (THEY TASTE LIKE COLA)

Zimmy (Azima) which is one of my bestest friends gave me this Starbucks thermos-ish thing which I LOVE. I feel like this is the gift that really applied to me though cause you can design it yourself and I loveee drawing. Plus, I strive to have the cutest bottle in class so this bottle is always gonna be different. I LOVE IT SO MUCH THANKS LOSER XX :*

I also forgot to take pictures of some of the other presents I got, SORRY! 

I got a jar of cookies from Rachel WHICH TASTED SO GOOD. Half of the class ate it too (I had to pretend i was ok with them finishing it ffffff) 
I got a bottle and a bar or organic soap from Vidhyah who has been my bestest bestest friend since i was like 5. I've dropped the bottle a bazillion times now though ahhaha. 
I got a pair of converse. Liyana also let me borrow her copy of Alexa Chung's 'IT' cause I'm a broke a$$ bitch. TQ SO MUCH ILY 4 YRS AND COUNTING! XX


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