Sunday, 5 April 2015

Hoppy Easter | 5.04.15

Happy Easter everyone! 
Hope you had an eggs-cellent day 
( nope, i didn't think my puns could get any worse either )

I'm so glad its finally Easter. I've missed having breakfast. Honestly, this is my first time fasting properly ( I cheated a little but still ). The last time I tried fasting, I did the no meat fasting thing and my mom kept making me eat meat (!?) cause she was scared I was gonna faint or wtv. SUPER LAME. So this time I just skipped a meal instead. 

But yeah, now that the fasting period is over. I can binge eat my feelings during the day as well! Isn't that great!?

Anyway, we usually go out to have a good lunch on Easter because it's a special occasion and all that. So we tried out this itallian restaurant right opposite hell my college called 'I Cook Itallian' 

Disclaimer : Not worth the money, trust me. And I never give food bad reviews.

left was a candid ok im not trying to be cool 

waiting for my food like ..

PS : I'm on semester break right now so you can bet that there are gonna be a heck of a lot more blog posts coming up very soon.

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