Saturday, 28 March 2015

Thank God It's Friday | 27.03.15

Please ignore how sparse my eyebrow looks in that picture thanks. 

Seriously though, I'd never been happier to end a week as much as I was to end this one. March has turned out to be such a mentally, physically and emotionally challenging month. This week was literally the MOST STRESSFUL week I've ever been through. From coming home at 8.00 pm to taking tests to dealing with my crazyyy mood swings this week has been INSANE! 

The only thing that kept me going through the week was the promise of a good weekend full of food, friends and sleep. Sweet, glorious, sleep. ( i never thought that waking up at 9.30 could feel SO GOOD ) 

Anyway, thats a lot of words already so moving on. On Friday (bless fridays), Azima, Raz and I went to Bangsar to have lunch cause we deserved it. 

Wondermama,  Bangsar Village 1

PS : Driving around Bangsar, getting stuck in a jam and looking for parking FOR 30 MINUTES? NOT WORTH IT. Never go during lunch hours, NEVER

left : Carbonara (Azima) & Mango Ice thing (??) (Raz) ; right : WM Style Aglio Olio (mine) 

Disclaimer : We aren't orange in real life (tx VSCO cam)

Here's me and Azima just being our usual sociable selves. 

After we had lunch, we went to OU to meet up with Liyana for desert (which was SO GREAT. I've missed her so much :(( ) and we went shopping for lipstick cause nothing makes a girl happier than expensive lipstick hahaha :p

I can't believe how happy I was when I got home. I feel incredibly lucky to have such amazing people around me and cheers to more weekends like this! :))x 

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