Friday, 6 February 2015


Who doesn't love a good holiday? After 3 whole weeks of college, I had to take advantage of this two day holiday and put it to full use.

It didn't really work out as I'd planned. But what does? Anyway, this is another 'adventure' post about my short lived holiday! 

Disclaimer : All these pictures are mine. Please do not steal or post on another platform without my consent x

We had lunch at Nando's. and if you know me, you'd know that I LOVE NANDO'S. It's friggin heaven on earth, no joke. 

Farah at MAC Cosmetics having her 'diva' moment. I took this right before the lady at the store told us to stop taking pictures if we weren't going to buy anything. 😒

We then went to Gap, and realised that Mushi was dressed just like the mannequin HAHAHAHAHAH 

Also, here's a bit of an ootd for anyone who wants! 

Sweater : H&M
Skirt : US 
Flats : H&M 

PS : This is the only full body picture we took which I screenshotted from Farah's snapstory. Sorry about the midget thing HHAHAHA. 

Break @ Waffle World! 

Looking at this picture makes my mouth water :((

Ok that's it! it might've looked really boring but it was SUCH an amazing day. I didn't laugh as much the entire month as I had laughed during the outing. Can't wait to see them again during Chinese New Year! xx

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