Thursday, 8 January 2015

Adventure Time 7/01/2015

HAHA at my efforts on coming up with a good title for the blog post

Yesterday I learnt that with driving comes a certain type of freedom. So, Azima and I decided to do a little 'college' shopping road trip/adventure. I personally love road trips but road trips + friends = BEST TIME EVER x 3. 

Disclaimer : Not blogging to show off (??) or whatever but I really want to be able to look back and remember what it was like way back when

10.30 - 11.30 : Shopping at One Utama

Speed shopping was key yesterday. So it was 1 hour tops in One Utama. I did have a shopping list planned out and everything so that I could shop quickly. Here's my 1-hour-at-OU-haul: 

12.00 - 12.20 : Taylor's College Sri Hartamas

I still can't believe I'm starting college next week but with the amount of anxiety I've been getting lately I'm starting to. Believe I mean. Anyway, we just went to get our student ID's done and stuff. Pretty sure I looked positively horrible, as always. 

12.20 - 1.30 : Lunch @ Wondermama, Bangsar

Lunch was GREAT. I definitely recommend eating at Wondermama although it is on the pricey side. 

1.30 - 3.00  : Shopping at Midvalley

Ok so who knew Midvalley was just a highway away from Bangsar. We went to check out the Magnum cafe there and it was so crowded. But I did pick up a few things there so here's my Midvalley-was-just-a-highway-away!? haul 

3.00 - 4.30 : Shopping at the Curve

We actually planned on heading to Taman Tun but it was raining really heavily so that plan didnt work out. We went to the Curve instead though because Azima wanted her favourite lip balm : Burts Bee's Peppermint Lipbalm. ALSO, while parking the car, we scratched it on a pillar and broke off the cover for the mirror. #neardeathexperience (not) but it was really funny hahaha. Since we didnt get our Magnum's we decided to have some Dip & Dip instead (ITS GREAT THERE) 

( ^ thats Azima btw! )

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