Sunday, 15 February 2015

Valentines Day

The ONLY good thing about Valentines Day is the cheap chocolate and the fact that my brother's birthday is just a day before it.

Ok I suck at writing these things so Im just gonna post some pictures instead. 


My snapchat was blowing up the entire day hahaha. 
Snapchat : @oopsviv

Anyway, first we had to go to KD cause my sister had class. We went grocery shopping at Village Grocer and I got some Raspberry Kit Kat which was SO GOOD. AND IT WAS ONLY 9.90!!

Next, we went to OU to have lunch AT NANDOS and then get ice cream. 

We had the ice cream at this gelato place near Aunty Anne's. I had the mint chocolate chip (fave), my brother had chocolate and my sister had hazelnut ice cream. 


crop top : AA
maxi skirt : H&M
slippers : Teen Spirit
bag : Thailand

Then later at night, we went to watch Jupiter Ascending (SPOILER ALERT : the whole love story part of it is bull) 

FLASHBACK 13/02/15


Dinner at Groupbase in BSD. You have to try the food there at least once in your life. ITS GREAT.

Happy Vday everyone! :) x

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