Friday, 6 December 2013

Things I've Been Loving

I'm currently in Japan and I'm super busy but I thought I'd do a short post about the things I've been loving so far 

1. my Topshop lippy

I absolutely love this lipstick. I wear it A LOT. like almost everyday now. it's quite a bright colour but I love it so much. the quality is great too! 

2. Christmas beanie 

this is my 'Christmas beanie'. it's really adorable. even if you don't like beanies, you'll definitely love this one. the quality is amazing and it keeps your ears warm. I wear it all the time while I'm in Japan. 

you can even wear it in warm countries cause it has tiny holes in between the stiches that makes it a little cooling too 

I got it from Winter Time at Centrepoint, Bandar Utama about 3 years ago. 

3. Rubberbands 

these are probably the only arm candy I ever use EVER. I got the black one at the market. you can actually just get it anywhere and the neon yellow one was from my friend. rubberbands are really practical and they look good around your wrist!

4. Lipbalm

this is my lip balm from body shop. it smells like pink guava and I love it so much. I got it a few years back and it still hasn't run out. it's amazing quality and is one of my fave smells. 

5. everything arty 

I've been loving all these contemporary art, water colours and illustrative art. so I've started collecting anything arty I see. 

5. Lipstick boots 

I just got mine and they're amazing. the quality is SO good. you can get yours now at @wirerack on instagram x

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