Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Hey May | Visual Diary

 Hardest part about blogging? The intro.

Anyway, here's a bunch of pictures that I have from the beginning of May cause surprisingly I went out a lot during the start of the month. It's sort of simmering down now because I'm having all these tests and my finals are coming up in three weeks so I'm trying to put in extra hours for studying. But I just wanted to blog about some of the fun stuff I did before I started stressing out and staying up really late trying to cram as much info as I could into my brain. 

On Mondays We Wear Black 

All black is the only appropriate way to dress on Mondays. Our business teacher wasn't in college on Monday so we had three whole free periods which we spent having lunch at this really cute croissant place in Plaza Damas.

Cardigan : My Mom's :p
Top : H&M

DPAC & TBF , Tuesday

We finish college at 1.30 on Tuesdays which makes me happy beyond belief. Tuesday was a really fun day. Raz and I went to have lunch at TBF @ Sunway Giza. I LOVED the food there. It was amazing and not too expensive either!

Then we drove around and got lost for around 30 minutes trying to find Empire Damansara JUST to take a picture with the art exhibit there. PS : it was actually at DPAC.

A little info about the art exhibit there : The artist responsible for the exhibit collected old children toys and painted them white then hung them using nylon strings from the ceiling. The artist then put up lights to show how different the toys looked with all the shadows.

Go check it out if you have any free time!

Denim Jacket : H&M
Crop Top ; Topshop
Skirt : America

Also, Im not sure if you can see it peaking through but I have a scar on my thigh wear I burned myself when I was ironing my clothes #housewifematerial

Flower Power + Cheap Ice Cream , Wednesday

On Wednesday, we decided to stay back to attend this workshop on how to stop procrastinating. (which did not have much of an impact) so after college we went to go get RM1.50 cone ice cream. I love cheap cone ice cream. Eating it was very nostalgic cause I used to have this all the time when I was a kid.

For anyone wondering, my romper is from an online shopping sale event we had in our college that week!

Romper : Online
Cardigan : H&M

Seafood Rush @ Kuala Selangor , Sunday

Bless holidays. We had a long weekend which meant no college on Monday! So my family decided to road trip to Kuala Selangor for lunch on Sunday with Bernice's family. I had a really good lunch (even though it took FOREVER for the food to get to our table). The trip was really fun though and I got a really good view of this super muddy river.

Top : Online
Shorts : Pacsun
Bag : Sacha

Mother's Day @ The Social, Desa Parkcity

This Sunday was Mothers Day so we went out for dinner at The Social at Desa Parkcity. I loved it. I loved the whole vibe of the restaurant and the food was really good as well. I actually brought my books with me to study because I had a business test the next day so that was real fun.

Top : Online
Bralette : F21
Necklace : Mint Candy
Cardigan ; Mom's 
Pants : H&M
Heels : Downtwn


I actually had a really good month so far even though I've been really stressed out about my tests and stuff. Also, I've been thinking about vlogging because I love pictures but I also want to start recording them so that I can look back on my memories better. I also want to make a sort of study tips or college tips post on my blog but no promises cause idk if people even care what I blog about so we'll see how everything goes.

Hope everyones been having a great month so far! xx

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