Saturday, 4 July 2015

Photo Diary : 18th Birthday

Guess who's finally legal!

I'm always really late on birthday posts and I really suck at intro's but I really wanna remember my 18th birthday so what the heck. Anyway, my 18th birthday was filled with good food and lots of laughs. But mostly food. I might have just gained about 5 kilograms on the day.


25.06.15 ; 10.30AM

I started of the day getting a haircut (how wild am I right? haha nvrmd) Having all my hair chopped off gets me really excited - don't ask.

Random picture of me but look at the length of my hair!

Anyway, then it was time for lunch aka the most exciting meal of any day. We originally wanted to have lunch at PJ Hilton but the Japanese restaurant was closed so my mom decided to drive out to KL Hilton for lunch instead. Also, *achievement of the year* I navigated using the GPS and WE DIDN'T GET LOST!

25.06.15 ; 1.00PM

I love Japanese food. The food here was amazing! The decor looked better than me so I didn't wanna take any pictures here :p

This was all just for me and my mom and I swear I almost exploded trying to finish it all.

25.06.15 ; 5.00PM

I spent dinner with my friends at the Curve. I hadn't seen Mushi in forever and I couldn't celebrate my birthday without Azima. I sound like an old person saying this but it really just felt so good for all three of us to hang out again like we did in high school.

We had dinner at Friday's and I had to do some really embarrassing stuff  for a free cake. Also, one of the waiters made a really sick joke so I don't particularly look forward to celebrating my birthday there again.


Am I the only one that finds the towel holder thing really cute?

My family wanted to celebrate my birthday with me too but everyone was so busy last weekend so we had to put it off to this week.

And of course I had to take tons of stupid pictures of myself around the hotel. Its only natural.

I had such a nice birthday and I feel incredibly lucky to have spent it with some of my favourite people. I honestly can't believe that I'm already 18 (cause I still look 5) but I'm really excited to have more adventures now.

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