Sunday, 10 November 2013

Feeling Inspired

Coming up with good outfits takes a lot of inspiration. Here's where I get mine

1. Kate Spade 
I love Kate Spade's designs so much. All her designs are quirky, fun and vibrant. 

I love how she can improvise her outfits like this 

just altering it a little makes it almost completely different! also, I'll never be able to afford any of this stuff so DIY it is!

2. Shelby Hamilton
Shelby might not be VERY popular but she still sort of is. Her sense of style is very adorable and easy going. 

I recently bought shoes like those and I can't wait to try them out. They look AMAZINGGGGG.

how to find Shelby 
the link to her tumblr is there too 

3. Alexa Chung
Honestly, she has an amazing sense of style and an even better personality (like the REAL sort of personality not one of those super nice kinds of people)

Best part about her is that her makeup is ALWAYS natural looking so she looks naturally beautiful. She probably is too. 

Her hair (often referred to as bed head hair) is adorable and perky. You can replicate it using the tips here :

( yeah, you're gonna have to copy paste that )

She also has a new book coming out called 'It'. If you're into her, you should get it now on! 

4. Tumblr
Having an indie/organic sort of blog pays off cause you'll find lots of different styles and ways of dressing there. Tumblr is actually a really big inspiration to me and I would definitely advice you guys to get one ( don't blame me if you get addicted, I'VE BEEN THERE TRUST ME ) 

just a few things that inspired me on tumblr. all the lastest styles are always on tumblr so if you're looking to stay ahead, that's where you should be. 

5. Polyvore
I don't actually go on polyvore too much, mostly because it's a lot of work. But I find a lot of work done by other people here and it inspires me to make some of my own posts!

by user : @alyssa229 on polyvore

by user : @reneedunny on polyvore

all 3 by user : @ohhiitsnina on polyvore (she's one of my favourites) 

by user : @pretty-basic on polyvore

6. Instagram
Usually through collaborations with other bloggers, I find many fashion bloggers 

3 of the above are from Tara on instagram. mostly though, i really love her sketches. check them out here 

this is Emily and her style is really cute though, I mostly like the dresses she wears haha you can find Emily here 

this is Kate. she runs a very successful fashion blog and has been featured on teen vogue and TONS of other places. I'm more inspired by her success than by her outfits buttttt if you like Kate's outfits you can find her here 

7. Everywhere else 
I get loads of exposure to tv and also what my friend's wear inspire me very much. Yes, exposure is gooooD. 
Yeap, so that is just some examples I've had from the internet. You'll probably see some similarities from them in my outfit posts. 

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