Sunday, 10 November 2013

Double Personality

I've decided to redesign my whole blogspot. I stopped updating it a long time back so now I've given it a new look and I'm gonna explain how this is gonna work. 

So I got the inspiration while I was watching tv.bI was watching this show called Good Chef, Bad Chef and it shows how two chefs have different personalities when they cook. 

So he's the bad chef and he makes unhealthy (BUT DELICIOUS) food and she's the good chef and makes all the healthy food. 

So I wanted my blog to be like that. I actually wanted to have a 'fashion blog' ( I hate that that's what it's called ) but I also needed a place to rant and talk about trips and stuff. 

That's how I came across viv&biv 

(that gif doesn't work cause I'm on my phone lol)

Biv is a nickname Xin Ee accidentally gave me cause she couldn't pronounce Viv properly. Damn you. 

Basically, Viv is gonna be where I post all the fashion stuff like outfit posts, inspiration, promoting shops and stuff.

And Biv is where I'm more personal and I'll post stuff like the kind of music I listen to, books, small trips, drawings and rants occasionally. 

If you don't get it rn it's fineeee. Cause I wouldn't get it either. If you read my blog later on, you'll probably figure out what I mean. xx

you can check out good chef, bad chef on AFC or go to their website at

recipes from the show are available on 

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  1. I am seriously loving the whole 2 diff personalities shindig. Cant wait for the next post! :) xx