Thursday, 2 May 2013

How To Make Your Very Own Bandana

Can't find a nice bandana anywhere?

Well I've got the solution for you!

With just three easy steps, even YOU yes you, can make your very own bandana.

Step #1
Get one of those styrofoam things that they put around fruits for idk what.

Step #2
Carefully place the styrofoam around your head.
WARNING: Styrofoam is FRAGILE.

Step #3
Pull the styrofoam down until just above your eyebrows

CONGRATULATIONS! You have made your very own styrofoam bandana!

Can't do it right?

Call us now at 012-BANDANA-EMERGENCY to place your order!

We have many different colours!






Yay! GIF's. Sorry for the crappy quality

And different designs!

Donkey ear-ed bandana

Cat ear-ed bandana

And the all time favourite...devil horned bandana!

Now all you have to do is camwhore with it!

Also, by reusing the styrofoam, you've just saved the earth. YOU'RE WELCOME.

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