Thursday, 4 April 2013

Thigh Gap Update!

So I said I was gonna get a thigh gap by the time I turned 16, which is in June. So that doesn't really leave me much time to get it done but I've been so lazy recently.

Anyway, I was hoping that being a vegetarian for  a month would help me but it didnt lol.

Towards the end of the month my mom told me that if you're a vegetarian, you'll probably get fatter than a non-vegetarian cause you have to eat more rice to get energy.

I wasn't so insecure until people started calling me fat. Namely; Kin Khei and Justin. It doesn't really bother me but would it kill them TO STOP IT. I AM A FAT CELL OK.

So yeah Kin Khei and Justin could just go get married and screw themselves for all i care.
I hope you guys have really ugly babies that puke all over themselves. :) 

P.S. Im not coming for your wedding. 

Thigh gap update : 

Yeah I know its absolutely perfect.

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